New Order - Ceremony
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New Order- Ceremony

Janet Jackson - Together Again
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Selections from CRABBY ROAD, a Beatles album for classic rock fans who hate current pop music

1. Come Together But Only If You Like Classic Rock

2. Something About You Being Born in the Wrong Decade

3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer Smashing One Direction Albums

4. Oh Darling RAP IS CRAP! George Harrison said so

5. Octopus’s Garden I can’t think of anything for this song sorry

6. I Want You To Only Listen to One Genre Of Music

7. Here Comes The Person Wearing The Band T-Shirt Who Can’t Name 3 of Their Albums

8. Because They Don’t Play Instruments They Don’t Have Talent DUH!!!

9. You Never Give Me Your Money You Only Give It To Beyonce and She Sucks

John Lennon was such a complex and complicated person yet the arguments about him and his character on both sides are always so cliche and boring


i love it when crabby ol Beatles fans make fun of pop music!! yo dingleberry what kind of music do u think the Beatles were!! they were pop!! so pull that john lennon imagine album out of yr ass and be quiet


The Monkees UK Press Conference (1967)

Bonus! Mike looking over the minions:


Happy Earth Day!


Linda Ronstadt


Linda Ronstadt