A message from Davy’s wife, Jessica Pacheco Jones

This is from her Facebook Page. Thanks to the Boyce & Hart official FB for posting.

Jessica Pacheco

My husband, David T. Jones, brought millions of smiles to peoples faces. Through his songs, his humor and just his simple way of being he comforted many people at different times and in different ways.

I saw him literally take the shirt off his back to give it to someone else. He gave with out reserve emotionally, physically, monetarily and spiritually at times without even knowing it.

He was a giving, caring and loving man.

To all his family, friends and fans I say in his words…”Remember me the way you hoped I’d be” David T Jones.

As for me - He was everything I hoped he’d be and then some.

There are no words to express the feelings and emotions David and I felt and had for one another. Our love goes on and I will forever keep the memories in my mind and the love in my heart.

I was privileged to know him, love him and be loved by him.
Remember him and smile - for he is at peace.
- Jessica Pacheco Jones -

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