Hi, I made this little game. Hope you like it :)

Reblog with your results!

song: pleasant valley sunday

first kiss: mike

best friend: peter

boyfriend: mike

crush on me: micky

enemy: davy

song: porpoise song

first kiss: nez

best friend: peter

boyfriend: davy (meEP!)

crush on you: nez

enemy: peter


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    Song: (I’m Not Your) Stepping Stone, First Kiss: Peter, Best friend: Mike, Boyfriend: Mike, Crush on You: Micky, Enemy:...
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    I got Davy as my first kiss, Micky as my best friend, Mike as my boyfriend, and Peter as both having a crush on me and...
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    This is so fun! song was Last Train to Clarksville. My first kiss was Mike and he also has a crush on me, but my...
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    Most. amazing. game. EVER!!!!!!!
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    My song is (I’m not) Your Steppin’ Stone, Mike is my first kiss,Davy is my best friend, Peter is my boyfriend, Mike has...
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    haha peter is my boyfriend and at the same time my enemy the alarming part is i can see that happening to me
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    So I found this. THIS. AMAZINGNESS. It’s too bad my computer doesn’t support click ‘n drags. ; ;
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    Porpoise Song First Kiss: Peter Tork Best Friend: Mickey Dolenz Michael “Woolhat” Nesmith (YES) Crush On You: Davy Jones...
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