Monkees Merch I would make/bring back if I worked at Rhino (hire me, thanks)

  • Monkees SIMS game
  • Monkees Pajamas, lunchbox, inflatable chair and pillow, blanket (all were sold at Spencer gifts in the 90s)
  • A new Monkees coffee table book with rare images from Henry Diltz
  • Mike Nesmith body pillow
  • Davy Jones lovebeads
  • Stoned talking Micky Dolenz doll
  • Peter Tork “Orgy Organizer” dating game
  • Pin the sideburns on Mike Nesmith party game

What about you?

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    OH MY GOD.
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    Can’t go wrong with sexually-themed Monkees gifts! A few thoughts… - Peter Tork’s “Torkalicious” brand edible underwear....
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    I would SO buy like, all of that stuff (especially the Stoned Micky doll and the Mike body pillow).
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    Hahahaha I want it alll
  9. theorgyorganizer said: I would buy all of these things in a heartbeat
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  11. dolenzgirl said: Could we have a Micky body pillow perhaps? Because I would be all over that!
  12. grandennui said: I love all of those ideas! I just want to share my love for the Monkees with the world right now! I want accessories! Anything I can wear and show off, like jewelry, purses/bags, hats, shoes… And Mr. Schneider.
  13. fymichaelnesmith said: I liked the director chairs Spencer’s had back then. I regret not buying that Monkees merch. They had an inflatable chair too. I’d love to see a Monkees Rockband game.
  14. its-a-wild-koivu said: And there goes my life savings…
  15. soakingstyles said: omfg the sims yes!
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