The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation Website launched this week


Here is their mission statement. I am definitely going to donate money to this great cause in Davy’s memory:

The Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation was created in loving memory of our dad, Davy Jones, to protect and care for the horses he loved. We honor his dedication and are ‘taking the reins’ to provide for his herd as they live out their lives.

Dad learned to ride at age 14 when he became a stable lad in Newmarket, England and he remained a committed and hands-on horseman. Whenever he was not performing or on the road doing concerts, he was up at 5am and in the stables feeding, grooming, riding and caring for his horses.

After he suddenly passed away on February 29, 2012, we established the Davy Jones Equine Memorial Foundation in his memory to continue providing for his herd of beloved horses. Many of them are rescues that were faced with an uncertain future while others are retired racehorses – he was committed to keeping the herd together and supporting them for the rest of their lives.

With great effort and generous donations, we were able to transport the herd to California to be nearer to us. We are now able to personally care for them, which gives us all great comfort and a special connection to our dad.

As the care and feeding of horses is a costly endeavor, financial assistance is greatly needed. Only with your support of the DJEMF will we be able to maintain our dad’s legacy.

With many thanks,

The Jones Family

Visit the website:

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