Plaster Casters of Chicago

I’m not going to type all of this up, but here is a story about the Plaster Casters from 1968 that was written by the lovely Ellen Sander. There are stories about plaster casting Hendrix, Noel Redding, Peter Tork (almost), and Dewey Martin….

According to the article, they originally asked DAVY to be plaster casted and he went and got Peter. HMMMM.


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    Excuse me while I continue to giggle about the word “rig”. Good lord. xD
  3. hissunnygirlfriend said: When I was a naughty little 15 year old, I looked up pictures of the Monkees naked and came up empty but I SWEAR i found a picture of Peter’s… cast? I shared a comp with my parents at the time so I didn’t save it and have not found it since then
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