A Comprehensive Glossary of Monkees gifs (part 1)

This is inspired directly by Jezebel’s gif glossary. All similarities are intended!

I did not create any of these genius gifs. Feel free to right-click and save them for yourself.


I will continue with part 2 tomorrow.


MONKEE ANGELS- a gif showing love, appreciation and general awesomeness.

LOL- laughing out loud gif

NEZ WINK- a gif used to say ‘how you doin?’ or ‘hey hot stuff’ or to make someone’s day a little brighter.

AGREED- A response of assent with another.

DEAL WITH IT- retort to someone’s disapproval.

OH MERCIFUL HEAVENS- an all around good gif to use in a variety of situations.

NEZ TONGUE- Used primarily as a ‘whatever’ gif, or to give a dismissive response.

HATERS TO THE LEFT- A very popular gif used when someone is generally being rude or disrespectful.

YAY- an expression of elation.

DANCING DAVY- an expression of satisfaction, happiness, aimlessly groovin’ through life.

FEISTY- a gif to use when you’re feeling sneaky, devious, or naughty.

SEXY SHIMMY- used to express one’s pride over ‘living the dream’ ; also used sarcastically to patronize another’s modest achievement

FLOWER POWER- a gif to show excitement or appreciation.

SCARY BABY TALIA- A gif to express something scary, shocking, gross. Also can be used in a “DO NOT WANT” scenario.


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